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A  "great" headshot gets you in the room and gets you more auditions, PERIOD. Click here for client list & testimonials.

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 From New York to L.A., South America to Thailand,  Interiors to Family portraits and Weddings to corporate editorials!  You name it, I shoot it! 

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HEADSHOTS ARE YOUR CALLING CARD. if you are a serious working actor, THEY ARE YOUR PERSONALITY, THEY ARE YOUR MARKETING, THEY ARE YOUR EVERYTHING,  Headshots have been my specialty for over 12 years, and although we have a blast at my photo shoots, I take the art of crafting the perfect headshot, very thoughtfully.  Call me to discuss your goals, where you are in your career, and the shots you need to begin opening doors (or keep them open).  I work with many agents and managers who call me and tell me exactly what their actors need.  Your headshot is an investment, to see it any other way is simply wasting your time and money.  Do it right the first time and shoot with a PRO.  See for yourself.

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